Fr. Riccardo discusses an icon of the Holy Trinity (viewable here) in this homily for The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. Fr. John discusses the stewardship needs of the parish for the coming year and reflects on the mission of the parish to offer everyone in our community a life changing encounter with Jesus. Fr. John asks the congregation to consider what would be a reasonable, mature response to what God has done for our salvation.

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Each year Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School celebrates a Streamer Day Mass to recognize the eighth grade students who will soon complete their final studies at the elementary school. Fr. Riccardo's homily from this year's Mass is presented here.

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Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish hosted a town hall meeting at the church on May 18th to update parishioners on everything that has happened at the parish during the past year and to inform them of future plans for the coming year.

Direct download: TownHallMeeting051816.m4a
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On the weekend of May 14 & 15, Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish hosted Fr. David Noone from Unbound. Fr. David spoke about the ways this organization serves the poor in 20 countries through a unique brand of sponsorship that creates real change for families living in poverty. Please visit the Unbound website for additional information about sponsorship.

Direct download: UnboundCharity.m4a
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While reflecting on St. Luke's account of the ascension of Jesus, Deacon Carignan tells the congregation that the time for gazing has passed. Deacon Dave discusses the importance of prayer as the hinge pin for our spiritual life.

Direct download: DeaconCarignan050816.m4a
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The funeral liturgy for Peter D. Riccardo, the brother of Fr. John Riccardo, was celebrated at Our Lady of the Lakes Church in Waterford, Michigan. This podcast contains Fr. Riccardo's homily and the final commendation. Fr. John and the entire Riccardo family are most appreciative of all of the prayers offered in support of the family at this time of sorrow.

Direct download: FuneralMass-PeterRiccardo.m4a
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On April 24th, Our Lady of Good Counsel welcomed the Most Rev. Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit, for a visit to the parish. Archbishop Vigneron presided at the noon Mass, and blessed the parish grounds at the site of new expansion project set to begin shortly. In this Mass homily, Archbishop Vigneron challenges the congregants to become like Paul and Barnabas by spreading the news of the New Jerusalem to their relatives, neighbors, and friends.

Direct download: ArchbishopVigneron042416.m4a
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Fr. Riccardo discusses forgiveness while asking the congregants whether they are recipients or givers of mercy. Fr. John looks at the lives of St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Paul, and the Coptic Christian martyrs while challenging the congregation to become missionaries of God's mercy.

Direct download: Homily042416.m4a
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Deacon Dave Carignan preaches on Jesus as shepherd in this homily from the noon Mass at OLGC for Good Shepherd Sunday. Deacon Dave encourages the congregants to spend time in quiet prayer considering the competing voices in our lives that keep us from hearing the Lord's voice and what we need to do to become more attentive to His voice.

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While discussing Jesus' conversation with St. Peter around the charcoal fire (JN 21:1-19), Fr. Riccardo reminds the congregants that God loves to forgive. Fr. John encourages all to seek forgiveness for the "charcoal fires" in our lives in the sacrament of reconciliation, and to extend God's mercy to others.

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Deacon Dave Carignan tells the congregation that the redemption of humanity was accomplished through the cross of Christ in this homily for Easter Sunday. Deacon Dave encourages the congregants to go out and proclaim the truth of the resurrection.

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In this homily from the Easter Vigil Mass, Fr. Riccardo considers the scripture readings of this day and what they mean to the candidates who were about to be baptized as well as the entire congregation. Fr. John encourages the congregants to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus as we are no longer slaves to sin and death.

Direct download: EasterVigil2016.m4a
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Fr. Riccardo discusses the greatness of God in this homily from Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. While encouraging the congregants to view a video from Pastor Louie Giglio of Passion City Church, Fr. John ponders the vastness of the universe and the fact that its creator got on His knees to wash the feet of his disciples and allowed himself to be condemned to death on a cross for our salvation. Fr. John encourages the congregants to enter into Holy Week with the understanding that we have access to God all the time, and that we can approach Him without fear or anxiety.

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Deacon Dave Carignan discusses our need to serve others in this homily from the 8 AM Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. Deacon Dave reflects on God's greatest commandment while reminding the congregants that our life stories will be written by those we have served.

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The 2016 Parish Mission titled Today Salvation Has Come to This House continued with this talk by Fr. Riccardo. Fr. John asks, "Will we let Him use us as vessels of mercy?"

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The 2016 Parish Mission titled Today Salvation Has Come to This House continued with this talk by Fr. Riccardo. Fr. John asks, "What is your deepest desire for your children or for your grandchildren?"

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The 2016 Parish Mission titled Today Salvation Has Come to This House opened with this talk by Fr. Riccardo.

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The funeral liturgy for John J. Riccardo, the father of Fr. John Riccardo, was celebrated at Holy Name Catholic Church in Birmingham, Michigan. This podcast contains excerpts from the introductory rites, Fr. Riccardo's homily, and excerpts from the final commendation. Fr. John and the entire Riccardo family are most appreciative of all of the prayers offered for his father and in support of the family. 

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Fr. Riccardo offers a moving tribute to his father, John J. Riccardo, in this homily first preached on Father's Day (June 15, 2008). It is republished here to honor the life of this disciple of Christ.

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In 2007, Fr. Riccardo and his father each delivered keynote addresses for the Archdiocese of Detroit Put Out Into the Deep Men's Conference. Mr. John Riccardo's address titled Courage Under Fire is republished here in tribute.

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