Fr. Riccardo's talk from the 4th Put Out Into the Deep men's conference held in 2006. The talk is entitled What Will I Hear on that Day?.
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Fr. Riccardo's talk from the 3rd Put Out Into the Deep men's conference held in 2005. The talk is entitled Father or Adversary.
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Fr. Riccardo's talk from the 2nd Put Out Into the Deep men's conference held in 2004. The talk is entitled Running the Race With Persistence. This podcast concludes with a partial recording of a Good Friday service from Our Lady of Good Counsel Church on The Last Seven Words of Christ.
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In his weekly homily, Fr. Riccardo reminds the congregation that the Mass is the greatest gift that God can give to us on this earth. It is where we most tangibly meet Him, where He offers to transform us, and where He offers hope to those who have lost hope.
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The Choices We Face-A Voice for the Word (Audio Only) Audio only version of Fr. Riccardo's appearance on Mr. Ralph Martin's television show The Choices We Face. This MP3 version will be a much smaller download.
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